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Eco-maniac | July 28, 2010

This past weekend, my mom visited me in the Big Apple, also known as her home town.  She was quite surprised at how acclimated I have become to the city…I was showing her around. And if you know me at all, you’ll know I am the possibly the most directionally challenged person on the planet, so this was quite an accomplishment.

On Saturday we set about exploring a part of the city that I nor she had ever ventured to before, the lower west side.  We started our journey with a subway ride to 23rd street to visit a vintage boutique that I had read about on (I had compiled a list of vintage and second hand stores that looked promising, but sadly, most were closed).  This store, The Family Jewels, had probably the best representation of 60s, 70s, and 80s types clothes I have ever seen.  Not the name brand designers that I was hoping for, but definitely a good laugh, and definitely worth the trip.

We also visited the Museum at FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology).  Their fashion warehouse holds over 50,000 garments and accessories and 30,000 textiles.  Through November 13, the Fashion and Textile History Gallery is housing an exhibit called Eco-Fashion: Going Green .  I had seen it advertised online and had been dying to go. It started with a display of Stella McCartney dresses and separates; she has been “going green” in her fabric and manufacturing choices for quite awhile now, and she was the perfect candidate to start off the exhibit.  From there you went through  a time line starting in the early 1800s when the gowns very exquisite, expertly made, and down right expensive (it’s amazing how much quality and detail is displayed in these gowns which were made before the technologies we have today).  The processes used back then were not only out of the price range of most of the world’s population, the weren’t very economical or efficient.  The exhibit showcased the growth in the fashion industries ability to use eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturers as well as cutting down the prices (as much as couture and high fashion can be cut down).   I was banned from taking pictures by one the stout security guards, but not before snapping one picture of a quote hanging next to the Stella McCartney display, so you must take my advice: if you are venturing into NYC anytime soon, go to the Museum at FIT located at 27th street and 7th avenue and check out this exhibit, especially if you’re a fashion buff like myself.

We then took a cab (with air conditioning THANK GOD! it was nearly 100 degrees in the city that day) to Union Square which is now my most favorite place in NYC, followed closely by Bryant Park.  A tiny this little park is surrounded by stores for anyone…literally anyone, including Nordstrom Rack, DSW, Filene’s Basement, American Eagle, LuLuLemon, Whole Foods, and other wonderfully amazing stores.   And BONUS! They have a cute little farmers market set up along the park with fresh (and cheap!) produce! The smell itself was intoxicating! (pictures coming soon!)

All in all I had a fabulously fashion filled weekend with my mom and am looking forward to further exploring in my last weeks in the city, which sadly is coming to an end :(.

Peace and Love, KD 😉


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